General Counsel Attorney

No matter how small, every business stands to benefit from the advice of qualified legal counsel.  Depending on the particular business, the full-time services of an in-house attorney maybe not necessary or might not be financially feasible.  Retaining “outside general counsel” can provide much of the same services as in-house counsel based on the needs of your specific business.  

Our firm provides general counsel services to small businesses on a regular basis.  We can be retained to advise on day-to-day legal issues that arise or are brought in on a more comprehensive level for specific matters and projects.  Our attorneys will get to know your business and understand your goals in order to consistently act with those interests in mind.  

What is included in general counsel services?

Regulatory Compliance

As outside general counsel, we can represent your business in matters of regulatory compliance.  Your business might be subject to regulation by various state and federal laws.  As general counsel, we can advise you on how to comply with these laws as well as represent you in any litigation that might arise in the event that your business is accused of not doing so.  

Commercial and Business Law

We can also represent your business in the negotiating, drafting, and review of business contracts.  We can represent you in all business transactions and disputes that arise as well as handle any litigation that results.  Our attorneys can also attend business meetings and other conferences in order to identify and deal with any legal issues that may come up.

BoyesLegal provides general counsel services to clients in San Jose and throughout the state of California.