San Jose Texting and Driving Car Accident Attorney

Texting and driving is a leading cause of car accidents in California, resulting in avoidable tragedies and long-lasting consequences for victims. At BoyesLegal APC, we understand the complexities surrounding these claims and provide aggressive representation to texting and driving accident victims. 

Our dedicated personal injury lawyers are committed to advocating for the rights of individuals harmed by the reckless act of texting behind the wheel, holding negligent parties accountable, and helping victims obtain just compensation. We offer free consultations, and there is never a fee until we recover for you. Call today to get started with an experienced texting and driving accident attorney. 

California Laws on Texting and Driving

California law strictly limits the use of mobile phones while driving. Under the California Vehicle Code, it is illegal for drivers to use handheld devices for texting or calling while operating a vehicle. These regulations extend to stopping at traffic lights or being stuck in traffic. 

Violating these rules can lead to fines and, more significantly, can be deemed as negligence under the law: a driver who was texting can be held liable for damages. For victims, this bolsters your personal injury claim, as it can establish the fault of the other driver. 

How Texting and Driving Affects Liability in Car Accidents

When a driver texts while driving, they are engaging in negligent conduct, which is a failure to exercise the care that a reasonably prudent person would in similar circumstances. Notably, the concept of comparative fault can come into play during car accidents, meaning that both parties may hold some degree of responsibility. 

However, evidence such as cell phone records and eyewitness testimonies can prove pivotal in shifting the balance of liability. The skilled texting and driving accident attorneys at BoyesLegal APC will rely on such evidence to build a strong case, working tirelessly to minimize your liability and maximize your compensation. 

Common Injuries Resulting from Car Accidents

The repercussions of texting and driving can be severe, leading to a range of injuries including:

These injuries can have long-term effects, such as chronic pain or cognitive impairments, hindering one’s quality of life. Immediate and comprehensive medical evaluation is crucial not only for health recovery but also for substantiating a personal injury claim. Trust BoyesLegal to rely on solid medical evidence to support your texting and driving injury claim. 

What to Do After a Car Accident

After a texting and driving accident, prioritize your safety by moving to a secure location, then immediately contact the police and seek medical attention. Documenting the scene is essential –  take photographs of the vehicles, the surrounding area, and any visible injuries if possible. Also, collect the names and contact information of witnesses, and secure a copy of the police report. 

After these critical steps, reach out to BoyesLegal APC. Our attorneys will handle all the details of your claim, from evidence collection to discussions with insurers and aggressive courtroom representation if necessary.

Why Choose Us?

BoyesLegal provides informed and dependable services to personal injury victims. Our approach is comprehensive—beginning with an in-depth case evaluation, we tailor a legal strategy aligned with your unique needs. Our negotiation tactics with insurance companies are calculated and robust. Should talks stall, we will take your case to trial to get you the maximum compensation you deserve. Rest assured, we will protect your rights in and out of the courtroom. 

Available Damages in Texting and Driving Cases

In a successful texting and driving claim, you may be entitled to significant compensation, including damages such as:

  • Medical expenses and rehabilitation costs
  • Lost wages and earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Punitive damages, in cases of egregious negligence

Calculating these damages involves a detailed review of the impact on your life and potential future losses. Our attorneys have the skills to quantify these damages and secure compensation for both your immediate and long-term needs.

Choose BoyesLegal APC for Your Texting and Driving Claim

Texting while driving is illegal, dangerous, and never justifiable. At BoyesLegal, we are committed to holding negligent drivers accountable and helping injury victims obtain meaningful compensation. If you or a loved one has suffered severe injuries in a texting and driving accident, we will make your case our cause. Call us today so we can start working on your claim.