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Excellent Lawyer

Patricia Boyes was an excellent lawyer for me in a case that dragged on for two years. The case was contentious and the opposition was often unscrupulous (including the lawyers), so she had to use not only her legal knowledge, but also her wits. She was hardworking and often worked on weekends to draft responses or legal documents that needed to be completed quickly and would talk to me on weekends or off hours when necessary. Her office staff was helpful and answered questions when she was unavailable. I appreciated their efforts as well. It was a rare occasion when I couldn’t get a hold of anyone.

One aspect of a choosing a lawyer that people don’t necessarily consider, but that may be important, is the lawyer’s ability to empathize with the client regarding the case. While it isn’t always necessary, in this case I was often consoled by the fact that Patricia could also empathize with me. I felt she fought for me not only because I was paying her to do so, but because she saw the injustice in the situation. That made a big difference when all the legal wrangling and judgments seemed to be going against me.

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